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Alan Webster - 1936-2014

peter websterThe news of the death of Alan Webster has saddened all of us who knew him. We called him "The Man" or "Webbie" and he was our friend, Not only was he Head Boy at Sedbergh, but he was a compassionate leader who was aware of the difficulties many of us had in the school of hard knocks that was Sedbergh in the 1950s. Webbie's love of sports inspired us and his prowess on the soccer field was legendary. As I remember, he played centre half and no one could ever get around him. I learned my axe skills from The Man, when he would came around the huts on a Saturday afternoon to check out that all was well. We shall miss him.

Judi Greene, Alan's daughter, shared the following with me today:

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Philip Gerald Banister - 1929-2014

Old Sedberghians will be saddened hear of the death of Philip Banister who was a student at the school in the 1940s. I received notice of Philip's death this morning from Ronnie Robertson, a good friend of Philip's. Ronnie's comments include " I had known Philip since we were both at Sedbergh in the early 1940s and we always kept in fairly close touch afterwards - through the heady debutant days in Montreal in the '60s, his marriage to Judy, their move to Ottawa and even in Finland, which he visited in connection with his work. Philip was a good and gentle friend."

The following obituary appeared in the Ottawa Citizen on March 29, 2014:

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John David Trim - 1930-2013

Old Sedberghians will be saddened to hear of the death of John Trim, who graduated from Sedbergh in 1946. I have only just received the following obituary from his daughter, Heather.

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Michael Burpee - 1940-2014

News of Michael Burpee's death has just reached me. Old Sedberghians from the 1950s will remember Michael, bright and cheerful, during his years at the school. He graduated in 1957 and sent his son, Sean, to Sedbergh during the 1980s. Michael followed in the footsteps of his brothers, Peter and Tom. The Burpee family was one of, if not the family, with more sons than any other attending Sedbergh.

The following obituary was published shortly after Michael's death.

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