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John Dawson - 1934-2013

Old Sedberghians from all periods of the school's history will be saddened to hear of the death of John Dawson. John's loyalty to Sedbergh especially through his yeoman service to the Sedbergh Foundation is little known by past students. For many years, John worked tirelessly as the Secretary of that organization offering a vast knowledge of everything that was required to keep the Foundation legally on track. His manner to his colleagues was always soft and caring, his smile engaging, and his laughter contagious. And all this was bound up in efficiency "par excellence" because John always dotted the "i's" and crossed the"t's"

On a personal note, many years ago,as a young boy in a school of hard knocks, I learned to respect "J.D". because as a senior at Sedbergh he looked out for me, listened to me, and gave me good advice. I have never forgotten that. And that's the way John has always been. I shall miss him.

We send condolences to all John's family and friends.

The following Obituary has been sent to a number of daily papers in Canada:

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Derek Crossen - 1932-2013

Old Sedberghians of all decades in Sedbergh's history will be saddened to hear of the death of Derek Crossen.

The following obituary appeared in the Montreal Gazette, today, April 25th, 2013:

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Archie Jones - 1922-2013

All Old Sedberghians will be saddened to hear of the death of Archie Jones, past teacher at Sedbergh.

The following are excerpts of the Obituary from the Montreal Gazette:

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It is important that you be aware of the death of any one of your classmates or Sedbergh friends. This page will include recent obituaries. Should you know of an Old Sedberghian who has recently died, please contact Tony Vintcent with any details.