Sedbergh School

Sedbergh School, a unique English private co-educational boarding school, was situated on a beautiful 650 acre campus north of Montebello, Québec, Canada.

The school closed in June 2010 and this site now serves the Old Sedberghian Association with information for and regarding alumni and alumni events.

Sedbergh Memorabilia at Bonsecours Hall

Part of the Sedbergh memorabilia is housed at the Bonsecours Village Hall in thanks to Sedbergh for helping financially in the building of the Village Hall itself. The Sedbergh Room is used continually by groups for conferences and meetings of the local people.

The two huts were brought from West Field to remind visitors of our way of life every weekend in the Valley. Originally, in the very early days of Sedbergh, Mink had been on Joe’s Hill (later known as Tow Hill) before it was moved to the girls’ section on West Field, and Raccoon had been John Macaulay’s art studio behind his house overlooking Senior Field. Both those huts had previous lives in the surrounding countryside. If only they could talk! And if you do go and visit them, sit quietly and there will certainly be whispers - who knows, perhaps even the Wolfobello story will be mentioned and the hair on the back of your neck will rise!

The collage images are of a high resolution so do zoom in to see what you can find.

  • 1-bonsecours-sedbergh_sign_outside_r
  • 2-bonsecours-two_school_bells_r
  • 3-bonsecours-crest_stained_glass_window_r
  • 4-bonsecours-sedbergh_room_r
  • 5-bonsecours-sedbergh_room_founders_r
  • 6-bonsecours-sedbergh_room_tom_anne_r
  • 7-bonsecours-trophies_academic_awards_r
  • 8-bonsecours-sedbergh_room_statue_r
  • 9-bonsecours-hut_of_the_year_award_r
  • bonsecours-collage_1940s_r
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  • bonsecours-collage_1970s_r
  • bonsecours-collage_1980s-1990s_r
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  • bonsecours-collage_building_duxbury_cabin_r
  • bonsecours-collage_nothing_beats_huts_r
  • bonsecours-collage_remember_when_april9_1990_fire_r
  • bonsecours-collage_staff_bless-em_r