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Movers and Shakers

The Old Sedberghian Association is moving forward with a Central Committee - Eric Garland('62) Luc Corbeil, Andrew Irving('86) and Tony Vintcent('54) as well as a group of Regional Representatives from all over the world. These representatives are the movers and shakers of the association. They are young (for the most part!) keen, and interested in gathering people together. Their role is to be in touch with each Old Sedberghian in his/her region, to send back news of the region for posting on the website to ALL Old Sedberghians, and to gather from time to time with Old Sedberghians, past staff, and GAPS who live in their region.

Who are these Regional Reps? (so far)

West Coast (Canada and USA), Midwest Canada/USA: Andrew Irving, '86, Derek Denton '60

Greater Toronto: Tony Vintcent, '54

Ontario: William Hoare '07 and David Fraser '56

Ottawa region: Andrew Herbst, '68 and Ruth Zackon, '02

Montreal region, Quebec and Montebello; Eleni Corbeil, '03 Angelina McOuat, '07 Marie Duval, '00 and Graham Hutchison,'07

Atlantic Provinces: Kirsten Robertson, '97 and Bob Angus, '56

Northern Canada: Sarah Macrury, '98 and Allie Macrury, '00

Mexico and Central America: Jorge Hernandez, '94

Venezuela and South America: Fouad Ibrahim, '92

Great Britain: Leila Greiche, '02

Europe: Sammy Mayer-Watts '00  and Jennifer Scheffler '99

Australia/New Zealand: Erika Lackey-Ruwald, '04 and Jenelle Bourgeois, '01

India/Pakistan: Saurabh Swarup, '94 and Shivani Bagani, '10

Hong Kong and Asia: Shu Wei Chang, '04

Bermuda, Bahamas, and West Indies: Benedict Christen '07

Africa: Claire Hanley, '03

Eastern USA:  Jim Bell, '61

Any Old Sedberghian wishing to take on the role in the regions which have as yet no regional rep, please contact site support. Tony's looking for an extra rep in the UK, Asia, and also needs two (2) in Greater Toronto.

The Reps will be in touch with you for news and views, and to get ideas of how you would like your region to be involved. Any regional event will be posted on the Events Calendar in the website.