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Heard From and Sighted

If you would like to update the Old Sedberghian community with your latest news, please send a note to site support.

Check back regularly for updates.



Stephen and his family live in Sooke on southern Vancouver Island. He flies for Air Canada Express, and he is into gardening, permaculture, transition towns, and promotes cycling as transportation. Try to get to the Vancouver gathering on November 29th, Stephen.



Eliot writes that the snow is falling in Cape Breton, His primary heat source is a wood stove and he remembers back to hut Beaver. He and his wife are heading to Calgary to celebrate their son John's wedding on December 21st..

He is very pleased about the Sedbergh memorabilia finding a home town hall) and plans to visit Sedbergh UK to see the stained glass windows sometime next year



A rolling stone, Cristina has the travel bug. She is currently in Australia working on a farm in Queensland.She would rather be outside cattle driving, but her job entails looking after an elderly woman and doing the cooking. She'll be moving on in six weeks to Perth to tour the West coast and to visit with her parents. She is hoping to go on through South East Asia, India, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Tibet.

As "home" is in Switzerland, Cristina expects some day to pass that way before returning to Canada, ultimately to live  in North Vancouver. What an adventure!



In reply to a request for photos in the November news , Paul will be digitalizing pictures of his time (1950s) at Sedbergh. Thanks Paul! With the closing of the school, we all have our memories, but it is important that we have an accurate photographic record.



Bill has retired as President of the University of King's College but he remains a professor of English at Dalhousie and the Director of the Interdisciplinary  PhD program ( a novel pathway for new research on health, environment, computer studies and many other subjects). His wife, Elizabeth Church, is VP of Mount  St. Vincent University. Their  four children and three grandchildren are in Toronto. Life is good, says Bill.



Completely retired from the real estate busness, Bob acts now only as a Consultant to his son and other Agents.

He volunteers for a number of Boards, mainly on environmental issues and bicycle/walking tours, especially in the Halifax region. Bob is part of a design team putting together a "belt book" for services available to hikers who come from all parts of the world. He acts as watchdog and reports to the Conservation Officer of any problems or infractions on the trails.

Bob is Vice Chair of the Community Monitoring Committee for the Otter Lake landfill. This commitee makes certain only inert material is dumped in that landfill.

He is one of the regional Reps for the Atlantic Provinces. They have recently held a pub lunch in Halifax.



Paul is very busy with his hobby which has now become a small business - that of repairing stringed instruments. He loves it and recently repaired two old lutes. He is still a skier and he and his son, Tim, skied Mont Tremblant last year. 



Nora and Vincent are living quietly at the Veterans' Hospital in Ste. Anne de Bellevue. Vincent is very active,; he is responible for planting bulbs in all the gardens there and enjoys visits from Old Sedberghians ( call him first). I often take Vincent in to the Montreal First Thursday alumni lunches.



A Regional Rep. for the Atlantic Provinces, Kirsten lives in Halifax. She is a busy woman. Not only does she teach an introductory economics course in university, but she works full time for the Nova Scotia government in economic development. She and Bob Angus, '57 will soon be getting their heads together to decide on a reunion for Old Sedberghians down east.



For the last three years, Ross has been building a straw bale house for  his family. He states that there is still a lot of work to be done, but with any luck "there's a better than even chance that I may get to live there before I croak."  He is still teaching at Seneca College and doing veterinary work at the teaching hospital. He hopes to be able to make one of the pub lunches in Ottawa this year.



Jim writes that as of July, 2012, he retired after thirty-three years of full time service with the South Euclid Fire Department. He was Fire Marshal for the city and the lead Fire/Arson investigator. He teaches EMS Education at the Auburn Career and for the Cleveland Clinic.


JOHN WARREN, (Gap, '04)

After leaving Sedbergh, John went to the UK to do his A-Levels in Math, Physics, and Literature. Next, off to university in Brisbane, Australia where he took two Bachelor degrees in Accounting and Economics. Currently, he is working for an accounting firm in Brisbane and completing his diploma in Chartered Accounting. His plans include travelling for a year and working in the USA before returning to Brisbane to start his own business.



Genevieve lives in St.Jean sur Richelieu. She had thought she would study music as a career. That did not work out, but she does now sing in a band, giving shows in the St. Jean area and planning events in Montreal and Sherbrooke this summer. Her group has a website

She has just completed a D.E.P and A.S.P. in horticulture and gardening at the Ecole des Metiers de l'Horticulture de Montreal and she has worked for a landscape designer and as a florist.

Three friends and Genevieve are starting up a business - Les Productions Hortensis This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. producing earthworms for fishing bait currently not available in Quebec. Furthermore, "we hope to be ready to produce edible flowers for high class restaurants in a couple of years - flowers which we will grow organically from our own worm castings."



Benedict writes from Tampa, Florida where he has been enjoying a fifth year  undergraduate reunion at Eckerd College. He is currently working with a data and microbiology software company after having completed a biotech Masters degree. Benedict has agreed to take on the role of Regional Rep. for the islands (Bermuda, Bahamas, West Indies, Caribbean)



William and David are now the Regional Reps for Ontario. William and his Sister SARAH own a winery AURE WINES between Toronto and London, and David is retired and lives in Perth. You will be hearing from them. The wine tasting event is still being planned for the summer months. Information to come.



Sad news for all book lovers. Nicholas has just closed ( April 1,2013) his Toronto bookstore, a landmark for so many years. Sedbergh and so many others profited by his stores in Ottawa, Montreal  and Toronto. "At age seventy, it's time to move on", Nicholas remarked in a radio interview yesterday.



Mike is now based full time in the UK at Crowthorne, working as a Spanish and French teacher at Wellington College (one of the Round Square schools). He is also the Senior Deputy Housemaster in charge of seventeen Deputy Housemasters (sounds easier, Mike, than helping in the dorms at Sedbergh!!!) Michael is also in charge of the College Sailing Club. A man of many talents! He tells us he is enjoying himself immensely!


SHIVANI BAGANI, exchange, '99

Shivani is in an endless loop of classes, asssignments,submissions and papers at her college in India. She is studying French and is about to try that out on a real French lady. Shivani has taken on the role of co regional Rep. for India with Saurabh Swarup. Merci mille fois, Shivani.



Vicky is now a physiotherapist and is married to another physiotherapist. They live in Bedford in the UK. "Sedbergh's legend lives on," she says, as she continues to enjoy hiking, camping, cycling, and skiing. She and her husband visited Canada in 2010 and spent some time with Steve Collins and Meg Gerrard and Mark Thompson. " I was very shocked to hear of the closure of the school".



One of the Charter members  (at Sedbergh during the first year of its existence) Carey's busy life has included eighteen years in the military, forty years practicing commercial and family law, and fifty-five years of membership in the Quebec bar. He also spent twenty-four years teaching sailing and celestial navigation skills with the Canadian Power and sail Squadron.

All his life, Carey has enjoyed skiing, sailing, and travelling. Over time, he has made his home in all parts of Canada from Goose Bay to the West. Now, his home is in Dorval. We see Carey quite often at our Montreal monthly lunches.



Joon is in Seoul, South Korea, working for his father's company. He hopes one day to take over the direction of it. He wants very much to keep in touch with Old Sedberghians and would enjoy getting together in a regional gathering somewhere.



Marron writes from Virgina, where she is a nurse manager in a community health centre. She gives news of her family. IAN '06 lives on the Eastern Shores with her, Jeremy, '68 (Headmaster from '95 to'07) is still working at Broadwater Academy, and MERRITT,99, lives in Florida with his wife and four year old son and his one year old daughter. Merritt is a geophysicist. They are a busy family!


MANON GALIBOIS, staff-mid 2000s

Manon, who taught mathematics at Sedbergh writes from Montreal where she is now teaching in the multi-ethnic public school, Lucien Page. She teaches multimedia studies. Her students learn to create using technology - camera, video, and computer, producing "court mettrages",  animation films, etc. etc.

With a colleague teaching  dramatic art, Manon has created a program which will be accepted within a year by the Ministry to teach students how to be at ease either behind or in front of the camera. This concentrated multi-media course will be unique in Montreal.

Louis-Mathis, the oldest of Manon's three children (12,9 and 4 years) starts his secondary education next year in a school specializing in music.  They all live in 'La Petite Patrie', just five minutes from the Jean Talon market. On weekends, they still go to their chalet in Cheneville and, of course, pass the road leading up to Sedbergh. Manon has kept in touch with Paul Cobban, (staff -'05-'08) and sees him every year when he brings his students to Montreal. This year, Manon and her family will be travelling to Toronto for her daughter's swimming competition and will spend time with Paul there.

Manon enjoys reading the news of Old Sedberghians and keeps her eyes open for events announced on the website.



Amitha is currently the Deputy Editor for a small magazine for Indians in Thailand. She also freelances and writes theatre reviews for the newspaper she used to work for.



Julien is married to JENNIFER HO, '96 and they are parents to Nestor. Just back to Ottawa after a visit to Hong Kong, Julien is back at his job as a lawyer with the Canadian government.