An Invitation from Rob Carreau, Class of '94 and Head of School at Rosseau Lake College

Old Sedberghians: 

Here is a very interesting idea from Rob Carreau, now Head of School at Rosseau Lake College. Rob was a student at Sedbergh during the 1990's and returned for a Gap year after he graduated. Those of you with school-age children may well be interested in his plans.
Hi everyone,
Robert Carreau here, Sedbergh class of '94.  I am writing from Rosseau Lake College, having somehow ended up in a job where, as Head of a small school, I can enjoy all the triumphs and challenges that Mr. Tommy and Mr. Hossack must have experienced during my time as a student in the Valley.
Though our beloved school closed its doors in 2010 I’m writing to tell you that the spirit of Sedbergh is alive and well here at Rosseau Lake College!
I spent 5 years in the Valley (grades 8-12), and my younger brother Matt and two younger sisters Tina and Jess attended too.  I returned to work there in ’96 as an Outdoor Ed. Intern, and as result of that experience decided to become a teacher.  I headed out to Nova Scotia for 20 lovely years in the francophone public system, meeting my wife Lavinia and raising our kids Keegan (21), Angeline (16), Eve (15), and Miles (14).  
One Saturday morning in 2017, we saw a posting for Head of School at Rosseau Lake College, 3 hours north of Toronto in the Muskoka region.  "One hundred students, situated by a lake, outdoor focus, quinzees, canoe trips, awesome ski trails, strong sense of family, of adventure, of strengthening the best in yourself and others. It sounded familiar so we applied!
I am writing to invite you to see RLC for yourself.  If ever you wished your own kid could have a glimpse of Sedbergh, or your niece or neighbour’s kid, tell them to have a look:
With a smaller international contingent this fall, some of our amazing donors have started a Canada Bursary Fund to strengthen our Canadian enrolment (while we normally have a waiting list, this year we currently have 6 remaining beds for September).  With these tricky times has come the opportunity to do what we hoped to all along: to offer an incredible outdoor-based boarding and day experience to Canadian families who are perfectly suited to this place.
We also hope to invite you in as alumni.  With the help of a generous initial donation from David Hind (Sedbergh class of ’64), we are now able to offer the same 10% bursary here to Sedbergh alumni as we do for RLC alumni.  Huge thanks David!  Beyond that...Old Sedberghians soccer anyone, September 2021?
Most importantly, I hope this finds you well.  I know that you are scattered around the globe with a thousand adventure stories, all beginning in the same Valley. 
Sending best wishes of Freedom, Courage, and Happiness from our family to yours, and hoping to connect with some of you soon.
Rob Carreau ’94
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Kersten Kloss - Celebration of Life

A Celebration of Life will be held for Kersten Kloss, who died on June
2, 2017

Mitchell and Kristiana Kloss with their mother Shauna Mitchell will be
holding a Celebration of Life in memory of Kersten Kloss on Monday,
June 19th, from 6:00 to 9:00pm at the Calgary Glencoe Club Ballroom,
636  29th Ave. S.W. in Calgary, AB.

Any inquiries can be directed to Shauna Mitchell at
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Kersten's obituary will follow soon. Currently, his Facebook page has

Montreal Sedbergh Christmas Party 2016

Sedbergh's annual Christmas get together at Nick Laperle's loft is less than a couple of weeks away, on Friday, December 16th. Are you coming? Please let me know.(This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

The party is in Loft 458 at 4020 St. Ambroise, near the Atwater Market, in Montreal. We gather at 7pm. Dress is casual, cost is $20.00 per person at the door. There's plenty of parking behind the building-$5.00

Nick and Mylene always give us a wonderful evening, so don't miss it.

I look forward to seeing you there.



97 years young for Vincent Lavoie!

Vincent Lavoie celebrated his 97th year on July 19, 2016. He's doing well at the Veteran's Hospital in St. Anne de Bellevue.

Can you imagine what M. Lavoie has seen and experienced from 1919 until now? From the founding of the League of Nations, the Depression, WW2, widespread adoption of the automobile, antibiotics, the Cold War, air travel, spaceflight and people on the moon, JFK, global communication networks, nuclear power, computers, nuclear medicine, the internet, climate change, self-driving cars, the internet of things, Brexit and so much more. The list could go on and on and on...