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Update - Sedbergh Memorabilia

Dear Old Sedberghians,

More than a decade ago, Sedbergh permanently closed its doors, and since that time the memorabilia and school artifacts have waited quietly in Andy Convery's workshop near Montebello. I have examined a number of plans to find a permanent home for the material, including an offer by the Chateau Montebello and one by the Bonsecours Village Hall but these have fallen by the wayside for various reasons, so it has become increasingly urgent that a home be found for the memorabilia.

As you know, when the last reunion was held at the Bonsecours Village Hall ten years ago, the awards and sports cups, a few photographs, the school bells, and the school crest which used to be on the wall of the Founder's Room,and the statue commemorating those Sedberghians who had died before their time, as well as two of the old huts from West Field were installed at the Village Hall, and to this day they can be seen there, but the bulk of the memorabilia found no place at Bonsecours.

I am pleased to tell you that an appropriate venue for the material has now been found. The Societe Historique de la Petite Nation, based in Montebello, and part of a much larger group,(Societe Historique de Quebec) has asked to house, to catalogue, and to maintain our Sedbergh memorabilia. Their plan is, over time, to build a database on the internet, which will include information about the school, to add its photographs, and to publish its history as well as its relationship with Montebello and the surrounding areas. Relevant stories of Sedbergh's 70 year existence will be included.

There is a lot of work ahead, but at last we can be assured that Sedbergh's name will permanently be inscribed on record through the Societe Historique de la Petite Nation. Periodic exhibitions of Sedbergh material will be on view in Montebello and Sedbergh will be a member of the organization. Old Sedberghians will be able to have access to the site and examine its history. I am very relieved with this result, as I have felt a particular responsibility to find a permanent home for a place which has meant such a great deal to me and which, I know, has meant a great deal
to so many of its students. I shall keep you informed of progress.


Director, Alumni Affairs