Bonsecours Town Hall Inauguration

The inauguration of the Bonsecours Town Hall took place today, Friday, March 14th with over 200 people present. The Sedbergh Room (Salle Sedbergh) was lightly decorated for the occasion (see photos below) and Sedbergh itself was well represented by Tom Wood, Sara Pettigrew, Vincent Lavoie, Tom Burpee, Tim Hartley, Marc Paquette, Andy Convery, Bill Nowell and Tony Vintcent.

Tom Wood spoke to the large gathering about Sedbergh's attachment to the municipality and especially to the people in it. His memory for the names of families who had been a part of Sedbergh's history is quite phenomenal and he received a standing ovation for his generous comments.

Come the Spring, we will be installing memorabilia on the walls of Salle Sedbergh, moving the two huts closer to the village hall, and preparing the soccer field and baseball diamond. At a date still to be determined, the Sedbergh room will be officially inauguarated and we hope many Old Sedberghians will join us for that event.

It was a splendid day.

Best regards,