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Thoughts about Sedbergh and Vipassana

Our visit to Vipassana on Sunday morning will be a challenge for some.

After all, our vision of Sedbergh where we experienced such strong emotional reactions is stamped in our memories and is a part of our being. That vision is not easy to dislodge. And it may not want to be dislodged.

But Sedbergh as a physical entity is no more; the valley and the buildings are now owned by Vipassana, a well known meditation group with centres all over the world.

As it was in 1938 when our Founders first came over the crest of the hill, the Valley has returned to its natural state. That is Vipassana's choice; and we must respect it. As well, there are many changes within the building itself. That too is Vipassana's choice.

Before our visit, I encourage you to go to the Vipassana internet site and click on "The Centre near Montebello" You may wish also to read the section "The Art of Living" to fully understand Vipassana's approach to life. Interestingly enough, you will find that many of the values espoused by Sedbergh are similar to those Vipassana teaches. It is the approach which differs. You may also wish to read the section "Questions and Answers".

On Sunday, you must expect to find a different physical place. But It should be a huge relief to know that our school and the Valley have a new lease on life through a group which loves it as much as we do.

Best regards,